iMOP meetings and sessions


History of iMOP
- Informally discussed at a workshop in Amsterdam, 2008
- Officially approved by the Initiatives committee in Sydney, 2010
- Founding meeting in Zurich, April 2011
iMOP meetings
- First official HUPO initiatives workshop at the 10th HUPO meeting in Geneva, 2011
- iMOP meeting in Kiel, 2012
- iMOP session at the 11th HUPO meeting in Boston, 2012
- iMOP session at the 12th HUPO meeting in Yokohama, 2013
- iMOP workshop at the EuPA meeting in Saint Malo, France,
14 – 17 October 2013
- iMOP session at the 13th HUPO meeting in Madrid, 2014
- iMOP session at the 14th HUPO meeting in Vancouver, 2015